"Loren had me more than ready going into my Pro Day. My speed and explosiveness was at an all time high with the techniques and movements he prepared us with. The work with Mark Schlereth was priceless for me as an offensive lineman in preparation for Pro Day. "


Cody White - OG Houston Texans

"Loren is by far the best in the business when it comes to intelligent preparation for the NFL combine.  He helped me realize and fulfill my potential in a matter of 6 weeks."


Drake Dunsmore - TE Tampa Bay Buccaneers

"As a wide receiver the mentoring Loren provided with Brandon Stokley and Ed McCaffery helped me solidify my position skills so I could best showcase my talents."


Jerrell Jackson - WR Houston Texans

"At 285 lbs scouts timed me in the 4.65-4.75 range in the 40 yard dash.  My speed and explosiveness was at an all time high when it mattered most!"


Greg Scruggs - DE Seattle Seahawks

 NFL Combine and Pro Day


"When preparation meets opportunity, success is the outcome!"

Who Are We? We are a team of coaches with a simple philosophy: maximize human performance!  

At Landow Performance, we focus on the development of specific Bio-Motor abilities for all sports using a needs analysis for each individual athlete. In doing so, our clients and athletes develop superior speed, power, strength, agility, mobility (flexibility and stability) and conditioning based on the sport and position played.

Preparation with Coach Landow

"You must be prepared for the biggest interview of your life."



Loren successfully prepared players for the NFL combinefor over 15 years.  During that time he has designed a proven formula of training for success.  The Combine is three days of mental testing and one day of physical evaluation.  

Loren believes that mental conditioning is as important as physical training and brings in experts to help prepare your athletes for the ‘off-the-field’ evaluation.

During these four days Scouts and GMs are evaluating EVERYTHING you do and everything you say.

On the physical side of the evaluation process they will be evaluating Speed, Power, Explosiveness and Agility.  How your athletes separate from the other athletes will be determined by how well he prepared.  

Loren Landow and his trainers work on all of the Combine’s Testing Disciplines:


  • 40-Yard Dash

  • Vertical Jump

  • Broad Jump

  • Bench Press

  • 3-Cone Drill

  • Short Shuttle

  • 60-Yard Shuttle

Our Training Staff is committed to preparing your athlete for one of the biggest weeks of their careers with the following development program:

  • Acceleration for great 10s and 20s timesnfl_comb_a.png

  • Top end Speed to have blazing fast 40 times

  • Explosiveness for Vertical and Broad Jump measures

  • Agility for position specific drills exactly how they run them at Indy and mastering the 5-10-5 and L drill

  • Strength and Strength Endurance for maximum 225 reps on the bench

  • FMS mastering the screen that all attendees must perform

  • Wunderlic testing preparation

  • Interview and Psychological testing preparation Mentorship with former NFL players on position specific drills

Media Relations

We also offer an additional course in Media Relations. Good public relations can result in tremendous benefits during your client’s playing career and long after it has ended.

The Basics — Teaching players the nuances unique to each medium: TV, radio, print/online, blogs, networks

Presence — Projecting a positive image through each interaction with the media. We cover everything from appearance to eye contact to make the player "camera-ready" at all times

The Message — How to handle every question and avoid the most common traps, from verbal "crutches" to unintended negative messaging

NFL Media Access Policies — How to prepare for each situation to make it a comfortable part of the job, not a distraction. The media are a daily part of the player's life, so preparation and proper expectations are crucial.

NFL Off Season Training

"There is no “off-season” in the NFL for the game’s top performers."

With the new CBA, NFL athletes have more time in the off season to gain an edge so when they arrive back to the team they are in the best shape of their lives.  Whether your player is a practice squad player trying to make the 53 man roster, a back-up player pushing for a starting job, or a current starter trying to become All- Pro, how he approaches his off season training will help him achieve those goals.

A typical training schedule includes:

  • Speed and Power drills designed to enhance position specific movements

  • Positional workouts to help dial in technique to allow for better on the field transfer.  

  • Metabolic Conditioning specific per position played.  The goal is to individualize your conditioning based on the needs during game time.

  • Recovery and Regeneration daily and weekly strategies are set aside to help aid in the recovery process.  Corrective exercises, myofascial maintenance strategies, active isolated mobility and MAT (muscle activation techniques) add link---for regeneration and neuromuscular reset.