+ Performance Services


Loren Landow has worked with and athletically mentored some of the most respected professionals in the professional sports, athletic and performance communities.  Whether you’re an NFL hopeful training for the combine, or a gold medal winning Olympic athlete, Loren Landow has the expertise and experience to tailor a training regime geared towards your ultimate success…

Please see the list below for a brief summary of all of Loren’s Performance Services.

+ ACL Injury Prevention


The current research is staggering: 1 of 4 athletes who suffer ACL tears never make it back to the field or court. This is not a benign injury as many believe.  With the increase in year round play and the speed and power which sports are played, ACL injuries seem to be more common now than ever.  

Coach Landow has developed specific training strategies that not only teach athletes how to move faster and quicker but also how to stay healthy.  

+ Baseball


Spring Training is no longer the time to get in shape for the upcoming season, it is the time to show up ready to go.  Major League Baseball players need to train year-round to stay healthy for the lengthy 162 game schedule.

Maximize your off-season by developing the qualities that make a better baseball player.  Speed, Strength, Power, Agility, Mobility and position specific conditioning.  

+ Hockey


Developing a better on-ice athlete is the critical reason for off-ice training.  

Building strength, power, speed, agility, stability and mobility, proprioceptive awareness and Energy System Development are the key elements of our Hockey development program.

Individual evaluation and programming are essential to maximizing off season training.  First-step quickness, lower body strength and power for greater skating speed, strong and stable core for shooting strength and the ability to bang into your opponent or absorb a hit.  We need to prepare the body for the demands of a speed/power and collision-filled sport.  



Mixed Martial Arts has become one of the fastest growing sports in the world!  Unfortunately the training for this sport is behind the times and very archaic.  Scientific methods must be the backbone of a successful career path.  Performing at the highest level and adding years to your career is the ultimate goal.  Developing athleticism while carefully planning programming and periodization (long term plan) as it fits to the individual to peak on the night of the fight.  

+ NFL Combine and Pro Day


"When preparation meets opportunity success is the outcome"

We offer a full medical and physical evaluation to determine a needs analysis to determine the most effective strategy to maximize an athletes ability.

+ Professional Development for Coaches and Trainers


"Train to Win"

“Train to Win” s a term that Coach Landow uses to describe training for intent.  While training athletes for athletic competitions, the outcome won’t always be a victory, First Place or a Gold Medal, yet the training intent must be on that focus.  As quoted by Steve Prefontaine "giving anything less than your best is sacrificing the gift"

Coach Landow feels so strongly about personal and professional development that he has designed weekend mentorships for coaches where you can learn the building blocks of athletic success.  Understanding Coach Landow's philosophy and learning his proven system of training will help develop your abilities as a coach.  If you are a coach or trainer this is information that will take your athletes to the next level. 

+ Skiing


Black Diamond or Green Circle? Regardless of what level skier you are, we have a program for you.  From our evaluation process to our customized programming we can help you excel in the competitive season or the weekends with the family.  

Strength, stability, flexibility and conditioning play a major role in ability but also in staying healthy through the season. Implementing my system of training will allow you greater quality of runs while on the slopes.

+ Swimming


Dry land training is essential to performance in the water.  Having a program that includes all the needs of strength, Power, Conditioning is key. From the start off the blocks to the turns off the wall and the endurance to finish the race strong there is not an element of training we wont cover.  More importantly a good dry land training should keep the athlete healthy to maximize training and competitions throughout the year.  Our program is completely individual to each and every athlete as we take a "leave no stone un turned" approach.