"Before leaving college for the NFL I already had 3 ACL tears. Coming out for the draft I was introduced to my trainer Loren Landow. Training with Loren for the past decade has truly been such a beneficial experience for my career as well as my body. He is one of a kind and travels a road that only few travel in his career. His never ending desire and passion to constantly improve and perfect his craft is what separates him from all the others. I will forever be indebted to him for his work with me."


Bo Scaife - TE Tennessee Titans

ACL Injury Prevention

"1 of 4 athletes who suffer ACL tears never make it back."

performance_acl.pngThe current research is staggering - Don't let this happen to you! This is not a benign injury as many believe.  With the increase in year round play and the speed and power which sports are played, ACL injuries seem to be more common now than ever.  

Coach Landow has developed specific training strategies that not only teach athletes how to move faster and quicker but also how to stay healthy.  

Training the body to be resilient to eccentric loading (ACL typically occur in the Eccentric phase of muscle action in sport) is the goal. Strength and stability while gaining biomechanical awareness will not only provide the athlete with resilience but allows them to play their sport with more speed.


Biomechanical evaluation:

  • Video Analysis
  • Four stage model of ACL prevention
  • Daily pre-game and practice activation exercise menu
  • Recovery strategies to help deal with long road trips or the volume of tournament play.
  • In-Season maintenance exercises to stay strong and stable


ViPerform™ is here!

Coach Landow now has the unique ability to distinguish high vs. low risk for injury, specifically within the knee by using the ViPerform™ assessment tool. The ViPerform™ uses wearable sensor technology to identify asymmetries and injury risk in common movement patterns. Click here for more information.