"Spring Training is no longer the time to get in shape for the upcoming season, it is the time to show up ready to go."


performance_base.pngMajor League Baseball players need to train year-round to stay healthy for the lengthy 162 game schedule. Maximize your off-season by developing the qualities that make a better baseball player.  Speed, Strength, Power, Agility, Mobility and position specific conditioning.  

Preparing  your body for the demands of the sport is critical for staying on the field.  Stability training for the shoulder and trunk will not only give you great strength and power but will also provide the resilience needed for the demands of a long season.  

MLB Program:

  • Postural/core evaluation
  • Postural restoration programming specific to your needs
  • Power development to increase arm velocity and bat speed
  • Speed development for faster 60 times and greater speed on the bases and in the field
  • Agility training for quicker first step and reaction while being more efficient on the field.
  • Mobility and Stability training for greater flexibility to the sporting needs
  • ESD conditioning that is specific to your positional needs.
  • Restoration and Recovery strategies to facilitate recovery after training and long road trips.
  • Nutritional Guidiance for more manageable playing weight
  • Individualized program and planning for the season
  • In season Programming to keep you health and strong through the season.