"Developing a better on-ice athlete is the critical reason for off-ice training."

performance_hockey.pngBuilding strength, power, speed, agility, stability and mobility, proprioceptive awareness and Energy System Development are the key elements of our Hockey development program.

Individual evaluation and programming are essential to maximizing off season training.  First-step quickness, lower body strength and power for greater skating speed, strong and stable core for shooting strength and the ability to bang into your opponent or absorb a hit.  We need to prepare the body for the demands of a speed/power and collision-filled sport.  

Our Program:

  • Postural Evaluation
  • Corrective exercise menu for elimination of chronic and acute injuries
  • Speed and Agility training for maximize stride length and frequency
  • Strength and power development for speed, reaction and ability to lay the big hit
  • Mobility and Stability for absorbing big hits into the boards and delivering big checks
  • Recovery and regeneration programming to facilitate recovery between practice, games or tournaments
  • Planning and periodization for optimal performance through the season into the post season
  • Nutritional guidance to maximize your training and proactive recovery