"One of my advantages as a fighter I can always count on inside the octagon is my conditioning, speed and power and I get my confidence from training with Loren Landow. Powered by Landow!"


Brendan Schaub - UFC Heavyweight

MMA - Mixed Martial Arts


"Mixed Martial Arts has become one of the fastest growing sports in the world!"

performance_mma.pngUnfortunately the training for this sport is behind the times and very archaic.  Scientific methods must be the backbone of a successful career path.  Performing at the highest level and adding years to your career is the ultimate goal.  Developing athleticism while carefully planning programming and periodization (long term plan) as it fits to the individual to peak on the night of the fight. 


Our MMA Program:

  • Postural evaluation to prevent chronic injuries
  • * Nutritional guidance for weight class changes
  • * Annual planning to maximize training through the year
  • * Athletic profile to determine individual needs analysis
  • * Speed and Agility training for better footwork and ability to attack
  • * Strength and Power development to be more explosive than your opponent
  • *Lactate Threshold Preparation (specific conditioning to compliment all the needs to be the quickest, most explosive and strongest fighter through a 3 round or 5 round bout.