Professional Development


"Train to Win!"

performance_prof.png“Train to Win” s a term that Coach Landow uses to describe training for intent While training athletes for athletic competitions, the outcome won’t always be a victory, First Place or a Gold Medal, yet the training intent must be on that focus.  As quoted by Steve Prefontaine "giving anything less than your best is sacrificing the gift."

Coach Landow feels so strongly about personal and professional development that he has designed weekend mentorships for coaches where you can learn the building blocks of athletic success.  Understanding Coach Landow's philosophy and learning his proven system of training will help develop your abilities as a coach.  If you are a coach or trainer this is information that will take your athletes to the next level. 


Coach Landow’s Continuing Education Program includes:

  • Training Philosophy
  • Pyramid of Success
  • Active Dynamic Warm Theory and Implementation
  • Acceleration Development
  • Top End Speed Development
  • Sport Speed for multi-direction sports
  • Agility and footwork for transfer
  • Plyometric progressions and implementation
  • Trunk training for performance and injury prevention
  • Metabolic strategies for specific conditioning for all sports
  • Olympic Lifting progressions
  • Programming and Periodization theory and application for optimal planning