"Black Diamond or Green Circle?"

performance_ski.pngRegardless of what level skier you are, we have a program for you.  From our evaluation process to our customized programming we can help you excel in the competitive season or the weekends with the family.  

Strength, stability, flexibility and conditioning play a major role in ability but also in staying healthy through the season. Implementing my system of training will allow you greater quality of runs while on the slopes.

Our Ski Program:

  • Postural/core evaluation
  • Corrective exercise menu to eliminate chronic and acute injuries
  • Testing parameters to help determine a needs analysis for training priority
  • Strength and conditioning planning to maximize ability for priority events
  • ACL prevention training strategies
  • Activation menu to use prior to hitting the slopes
  • Recovery and regeneration tactics to facilitate quicker recovery
  • Nutritional guidance to maximize your energy for the high demands of the sport