Missy Franklin

"Training with Loren has not only changed my body and made me physically stronger in ways I could have never imagined, but has also made me mentally stronger than I ever thought I could have been.  I have the best trainer in the world and an even better friend."


Missy Franklin - USA -  4 time Gold Medalist - London 2012



"Dry land training is essential to performance in the water."

performance_swim.pngHaving a program that includes all the needs of strength, Power, Conditioning is key. From the start off the blocks to the turns off the wall and the endurance to finish the race strong there is not an element of training we wont cover.  More importantly a good dry land training should keep the athlete healthy to maximize training and competitions throughout the year.  Our program is completely individual to each and every athlete as we take a "leave no stone un turned" approach.


Our Swimming Program:

  • Swimming Program: *Customized annual plan to peak for the main events of the season
  • * Postural and movement screen to identify potential inefficiencies and possibly injury patterns
  • * Nutritional guidance for racing success
  • * Strength and Power training to maximize the push from the blocks and the turns.
  • * Strength endurance to finish the race strong
  • * Regeneration and Recovery strategies to facilitate training adaptation and taper into events


Kara Lynn Joice on her Olympic swimming preparation...

"I think the core group around me kept me believing in myself. It was hard to let yourself get discouraged being so close to Olympic Trials. Things were getting worse and worse, and at meets, I couldn’t final in my best event. It’s extremely discouraging to go from top to bottom.


Loren Landow, Missy Franklin and my trainer, who is the best trainer in the world, really helped me. He was at Trials and warmed me up on the mat before my race. He had me believing I could do it; he knows me, and knew I was a fighter.


The coaches from SwimMAC kept telling me I could do it. And at some point, I said, “You are right, I can do this. It was time to go, time to make the Olympic team. I was in such a good place mentally that I knew whatever happened would be okay because I was ready to give it my best effort; that being said, I was more surprised than anybody to finish the race and see the number “2” by my name."


Kara Lynn Joice -

The four-time Olympic medalist on turning around her career in 2012