Coach Landow's Olympic Testimonials


Missy Franklin 

performance_swim.png"Training with Loren has not only changed my body and made me physically stronger in way I could have never imagined, but has also made me mentally stronger than I ever thought I could have been.  I have the best trainer in the world and an even better friend."


Missy Franklin - USA  
4 Time Gold Medalist - London, 2012 and World Record Holder, 200 Meter Backstroke

Kara Lynn Joyce

performance_swim_kara.png"I think the core group around me kept me believing in myself. It was hard to let yourself get discouraged being so close to Olympic Trials. Things were getting worse and worse, and at meets, I couldn’t final in my best event. It’s extremely discouraging to go from top to bottom.


Loren Landow, Missy Franklin and my trainer, who is the best trainer in the world, really helped me. He was at Trials and warmed me up on the mat before my race. He had me believing I could do it; he knows me, and knew I was a fighter.


The coaches from SwimMAC kept telling me I could do it. And at some point, I said, “You are right, I can do this. It was time to go, time to make the Olympic team. I was in such a good place mentally that I knew whatever happened would be okay because I was ready to give it my best effort; that being said, I was more surprised than anybody to finish the race and see the number “2” by my name."


Kara Lynn Joyce -

The four-time Olympic medalist on turning around her career in 2012

Alicia Sacramone

performance_swim_kara.png"I started training with Loren Landow right after I had my Achilles' tendon repaired, working with him was one of the best decisions I ever made in my goal to compete in a a second Olympic Games. Going into the 2012 competitive gymnastics season I was in the best shape of my 16 year career. He creates custom work outs to cater to all of his clients making him one the the best in the industry! Thanks for everything LL! "



Alicia Sacramone - Team USA, Gymnastics