Coach Landow's MMA Testimonials



test_mma_a.png"One of my advantages as a fighter I can always count on inside the octagon is my conditioning, speed and power and I get my confidence from training with Loren Landow. Powered by Landow! "


Brendan Schaub - UFC Heavyweight

UFC - Season 16 - The Ultimate Fighter

test_mma_b.png"Training with Coach Landow for the past 6 months my explosiveness, strength and conditioning has truly been life changing.  He has helped me build strength and stability in muscles that were weak due to prior injuries.  Every training session with coach Landow has a purpose and designed to build strength, power and endurance or how to properly recover my body.  Training this way has helped me avoid serious injuries that are often seen in MMA with overtraining."


Neil Magny - UFC Welterweight, Season 16 - The Ultimate Fighter


test_mma_c.png"Coach Landow is the top Strength and Conditioning coach across the board. His understanding of biomechanics translates to a faster, more explosive and stronger athlete.  His core program is the best ever developed which translates to more force transferred through the body, resulting in me being one of the hardest hitters in MMA."


Shane Carwin - UFC Heavyweight



"Loren is a genius when it comes to the science behind his work.  He understands that I don’t go into the cage to lift weights and run sprints. I go into the cage to fight. My hardest training should mimic what I do in competition.”


Nate Marquardt - Former Strikeforce Welterweight Champion and a three-time Pancrase Middleweight Champion



"To get to work with Loren, at first seemed too good to be true. He had transformed so many athletes prior, I was excited for it to be my turn. I was amazed how easy, fun and calculated it was to reach my highest high as an athlete along side such an incredible and inspiring person. Loren was more valuable then gold on the journey of reaching my success and I plan on having him as a coach, mentor, and friend for the rest of my life.”


Cat Zingano - UFC #1 Contender - Bantamweight


Head Coach - The Ultimate Fighter, Season 18