Coach Landow's Peer Testimonials


Colorado Avalanche

"As a physician, I  have the highest level of trust in Loren Landow.  Not only have his methods provided incredible results, he has always provided an unparalleled degree of professionalism.  I recommend his service of performance training to athletes of all levels: professional, elite, and amateur."

Dr. Yani Zinis

Team Physician Colorado Avalanche - 1996 to Present
Head Team Physician USA Hockey
Torino Olympics 2006
World Championships: 2007 Moscow - 2012 Helsinki

Results Fitness Center

"Loren Landow is unquestionably one of the top human performance coaches in America...make that the World.  Loren's understanding of Biomechanics and movement help to be an elite professional in our field.  Loren's tremendous work ethic and attention to detail is second to none.  It is an honor to have Loren as a friend and a professional associate."


Doug Lentz, MS, CSCS*D

Director of Fitness
Results Fitness Center
Chambersbur, PA

US Women's Tennis Team

"As a Physical Therapist treating high level athletes I need a Sports Performance coach that can take these athletes from the rehabilitation phase through their return to sport at the highest level.  Loren Landow is that person!  He is an exceptional Sports Performance coach, he has the ability to analyze and progress athletes through the different phases of the rehabilitation and recognize issues as they arise.  I truly admire the skills he has and have the utmost trust in his ability."


Joanna Goldin, PT MCSP

Physical Therapist for the US Women's Tennis Team

MAT (Muscle Activation Techniques)

"When it comes to understanding how to train athletes for optimal sports performance,  Loren is at the top of the game.  Loren has a great understanding of biomechanics and how to most effectively progress athletes  in order to increase performance levels while reducing risk of injury.  His success speaks for itself.  I recommend that all my athletes work with Loren!" 


Greg Roskopf

Owner and Developer of MAT (Muscle Activation Techniques)

University of Kansas

"Loren has an unbelievable knowledge base that he draws from to formulate his system of training.  As a practitioner, he communicates his expectations, and coaches his athletes with an unmatched level of expertise that has been developed through experience.  As an educator, he is equally good at conveying and sharing information to other professionals."


Luke Bradford

Strength and Conditioning Coach - University of Kansas

Texas A&M Corpus Christi

"Loren Landow is without question one of the world leading experts in strength and conditioning.  Countless times I have witnessed him help the best even get better.  As a coach and presenter he is truly remarkable.  If you are serious about improving performance you will attend his events."


Dr. Jay Dawes

Assistant  Professor Texas A&M Corpus Christi

From the Author

"Loren Landow is at the top of his game!  His no-nonsense, innovative approach is at the cutting edge-and the results he gets with his athletes speak for themselves."


Steve Plisk

Presenter and Author in the Sports Performance World